Mathematica Experts Live: Visualization Q&A 2012


With Yu-Sung, Vitaliy, Brett, and Zach

May 22, 2012

Do you want to make beautiful graphics? Need help making your customized plots easier to understand? Have you always wanted to make instant interactive graphics, but don’t know how to begin? Join Mathematica experts for a live Q&A session on visualization. You can submit questions when you register, or ask them during the live event.

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  1. Hello Mr. Yu Sung Chang:

    If you haven’t already authored a book on NURBS and B-splines using Mathematica, I would like to take this opportunity to do so. I have seen your excellent work in this area on the Demonstrations site at Wolfram.

    I would be among the first to line up to buy your book. This is such an important subject, I know that a person of your caliber would have great success. Perhaps a Schraum’s guide, or something similar.

    I’m a retired tech from Boeing, studying the subject on my own.

    Yours truly,

    Bill Wilburn

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